Feb. 26th, 2013

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This is hotly contested by the majority of the ultra-libralists and a fair number of the more sane individuals. For the ultra-liberals, there's no hope and I wont even try to discus or philosophise anything involving you people. But for the realistic, I think the best description for what every person is entitled to is the 'being left the fuck alone' rule. This rule seems quite self explanatory but for the benefit of the ULs, if you can't figure it out then you're a UL, the rule basically states that if a person is not doing something that directly effects you in a direct way, you leave them the fuck alone. The f-word is necessary as it punctuates the importance of the rule, it's an absolute not a suggestion.

For example; the two women walking from k-mart to walmart and holding one another's hand are doing nothing that effects you in any way. You might want to argue the point, you're wrong. I don't care what your point is, you're wrong. They aren't talking to you, not touching you, and not in your personal space. The rule applies, 'leave them the fuck alone'. If you take it upon yourself to run up to them in pry their hands apart, you have violated the rule, violated their space, and physically touched them. As such you have given up your right not to be punched in the face.

Another example and one I find difficult to accept; the poorly dresses wigger in untied high tops, low riding almost falling off pants, listening to beat based music that you can just barely hear, and slowly but restrictively headbanging to the music. He's in his own space, his music is not intrusive, and his clothing is not on your body. You leave him the fuck alone. I might find how he dresses so mind numbingly distasteful that it makes my brain melt but he's not doing anything directly to me and if I or anyone else taps him on the shoulder and tells him to pull up his damn pants, we've lost the right not to be told to mind our own fucking business and piss off.

And one more I also find difficult; the two obnoxiously delirious religious people talking at a reasonable level about how much they love jesus, how juses has saved their lives, and how the bible is the ultimate authority. This applies to any religion not just jesusism, it's a real word and my new favourite one. Although it pains me and turns my brain to mush, leave then the fuck alone. They're not talking to you, not trying to convert you, and speaking at a reasonable level, one you might use to discus some new fashion. If for some reason, I feel sick saying this, butt in to inform them of their falsies or to educate them on real history or science, you've given up your right not to be ridiculed for being an intolerant egotistical bitch and the antipathy of the lord their savour.

However, if the same churchy goers turn to you and start preaching to you or interrupt your conversation on the large hadron collider to make mention of gods creation, the same goes for them. The have no right to say, 'well that's just what I believe and you have to respect my beliefs'. No I don't, and no I ain’t. If you're in an indefensible position and insert yourself into a pleasant discourse or worse voice your unsubstantiated belief unprompted, you give up your 'being left the fuck alone' right and deserve the full weight of someone's knowledge and intelligence crushing down on every one of your unprovable beliefs.

I realize I'm massively bias in this circumstance, I am aware that I'm waiting for any and all opportunities to pounce on a person like this. And so what. There is absolutely no requirement for me not to respond to some idiotic statement being thrown at me that amounts to 'I'm more righter than you and you can't say nothing about it'. It is not tolerant to ignore a falsehood directed at you, it's ignoring it. Tolerant is the examples I have already given and a state of being not presented by those that theoretically violated the example's rights to be left the fuck alone. I personally have suffered the violation outlined in the first example but I unfortunately didn't smack the 60 plus year old asshole that told use that there was children in the mall.

No one is permitted to tell you how to act or behave then have their own behaviour exempted from judgement. No one is permitted to voice their opinion without having that opinion called into question. This is an example of the 'tough shit' rule. If you want to do something, you are not insulated from that thing being done to you. And this garbage of incorporating the 'cannot be called into question' crap into your belief system is not a valid argument. Not only is it unfair and unjust to expect something you are not willing to extend to others, it's also a very apparent sign that you are undeserving of even the 'being left the fuck alone' rule.

Being as ready as I am to argue endlessly and unendingly with someone who says something untrue, ignorant, or just plain stupid, I come across every dodge attempt ever invented. For a very long time they did deter me as I believed they were valid rational. 'It's just my opinion and I'm entitled to it' was something that stopped me for quite a long time. But I got very tired of being purposely instigated only to be shut down when the other person felt themselves losing the argument. If it happened once or twice per subject per person I'd still be 'respecting' their opinions. However, when something is brought up repeatedly and insistently it's no longer an opinion or what 'you believe' it becomes an attack to force you to come into line with their beliefs and when found out that this is exactly what they are doing, they attempt to protect themselves with the age old adage.

It doesn't work that way but unfortunately these people have so many others worried about being seen as less civilized and less cultured that they get away with it. The good thing is, it's changing. The overly polite bowing out, not being tolerant, from discussion with these people is fading. When someone cries wolf too many times or cries oppression too many times they're just not listen to any longer. It's happening, it really is. More and more are speaking up and speaking out when someone makes an unsupportable statement. Few and few are ignoring, not being tolerant, of the abuse of privilege from these people. And I'm not just talking about the religious. Everyone has a family member who says something idiotic to you about you. Even these people are being made accountable.

For me, I can become irrestrainably, then add it, sarcastic and belittling to those who just don't stop with their inanity. I start out only attempting to educate someone or to give them the resources to educate themselves. If they choose to ignore my attempts, that's fine but if they continue and become incessant, I loss my patients and objectivity. I feel, and I cold be wrong, that I'm perfectly justifiable in treating someone who acts in this manner towards me as a petulant fool worthy of ridicule and weapons grade sarcasm. The point that I'm not justifiable could be made to me and it could sway my behaviour but to this date no one has made a single argument that didn't include something close to, 'just cause'.

I am well gifted in the black arts of sarcasm and I'm also incredibly knowledgeable. You might be stunned how knowledgeable I actually am but I'm not however particularly intelligent. As such I have a lot of sympathy for those that also do not posses it and if they wish to better themselves through learning or simply can't get it, I'd never mercifully admonish them. However, if you are resonably intelligent and more than likely, more intelligent than I but chose to remain dedicatedly ignorant and continue to vocalize your ignorance toward me, I will use my skillset against you and without remorse. I also encourage everyone else to do the same and to do the same to me.

I don't exempt myself, if I'm being just as moronic as any religious fundamentalist or blind faith sheep, don't let me get away with it and if it takes treating me like a shlep to shut me up and get me to admit I'm wrong, DO IT! Just make sure I have little evidence or justification for my position. I've also learned that some attempt to use those same tactics when a position in indefeasible knowing full well most will shy away from open conflict and forced humility. I am not one of them.

Leaving one of my favourite subjects, me, for a moment lets get back to idiocy and how it's undeserving of tolerance and/or respect.

I've been speaking mostly of tolerance but respect can also be interchanged in most circumstances but not all. My reaction to extreme stupidity would be the perfect example of a lack of respect, as I hinted at when I mention I could be argued with that I was justified in ridiculing someone. Respect is also not an autocratically granted condition, it still falls under the 'being left the fuck alone' rule and all the violations in the examples I have given are also examples of disrespect.

Let me give one example of not autocratically giving respect that most would qualify as deserving; the police. Many would say they deserve respect because they are the police but no one has ever been pulled over and acted nice because they thought the cop was entitled to respect, they act nice for fear of reprisals.

Even as a child, one's parents are feared not respected. A child simply has no concept of respect even if told what it means and parents are so rarely deserving of respect anyway. I do of course agree that there are those who are deserving of special consideration do to fear and if one chooses not to take any action for fear of reprisals, then don't but don't ever confuse this with respect. Fearing hell is not a respect for god, fearing rejection is not respect towards others. Respect is so commonly used in place of fear it might even become synonymous. It's so common, I'm convince the original hebrew scripture must have been written 'fear thy father and thy mother'. Fear should be rebelled against but I do understand one's wish to avoid confronting it.

In any even respect is earned and while someone is earning their respect the rules outlines here apply. Violation of these simply and arguably universal rules forfeit the expectation of those rules applying to youself. Expecting respect without doing anything to earn it, is simply moronic and worthy of ridicule itself. Further argument on the subject of respect would only be rehashing those I've already gave on tolerance but I felt I should say something on the subject since ULs would, not might, point out that it didn't apply to respect because I made little mention of it, they do stuff like that. Assuming something's apparent invites moronic hole poking from these people.

In closing I'd like to reiterate, I don't respect you and I have no tolerance for your loonisy but I'll leave you the fuck alone if you leave me the fuck alone. Otherwise, lets play...


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