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I was almost involved in an accident today while driving into the city.

I do wish to quantify what I mean by 'almost accident'. It wasn't what most people refer to when they say almost accident, I wasn't five or three or even one foot away from the other vehicle. I was turning left through the oncoming traffic lane to pull into a store but I didn't notice the car coming in the opposite direction. I really have no justification for not noticing it, I simply didn't. It would have been my fault. Once I'd seen him, I stepped on the breaks and he swerved. Both of us by the way were doing about 90 before I slowed to turn.

We came so close that his back tire rubbed up against my bumper, leaving a scuff mark. This is what I mean when I say 'almost accident' and because it was my laps of concentration it was me who almost killed myself.

The funny thing is, that besides the initial adrenalin rush of reacting to a danger, I didn't feel anything at all. When he didn't stop or turn around, I went in to shop. Then jumped back into my car to go to my next destination. The only thing I can say that occurred, besides needing to buff my bumper, is that I got one more great shocking story to tell.


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