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A recent news article has appeared in papers and on programs recently, 'Walmart worker alleged fired for calling police about dog left in car'. First of all this title is a complete farce, though thankfully most news outlets are titling their stories more accurately.

What actually happened in the instance the woman sites, is that while off duty she confronted a guy who left a dog in his truck. Latter that day, when she was called into the management’s office, her boss told her to report any such indecent to management she told her boss that she would not and said that she would do what she thought was right. She was then fired and rightly so as this was not the first time she was warned about confronting customers.

As one would expect, the case exploded. As I mentioned, many outlets are using misleading titles and a face book page has been made to support the woman with comments ranging from the benign to those threatening to burn down the Walmart store.

The problem is, is that most of these people eat chicken grown in a Broiler that has the animals standing ankle deep in their own urine and feces with so little room to move that employees must shuffle their feet so not to step on the animals. Dead animals are removed daily, dehydrated to death because they have been bread to be so large that they can't support their own weight.

These people also eat eggs, produced in large multistoried structures that keep chicken's caged in enclosures not much bigger then the animal itself. These animals have nothing to do but eat, excrete, and lay eggs. Their was a time that producers would cut the end of the beak off to stop them from pecking themselves and others. Now it's preferred to immobilize the animal with restreints.

There's also the treatment of cows, pigs, and dozens of other production animals. It's the height of hypocrisy for these people to violently condemn some perceived harm committed to a pet but shrug their shoulders and say, 'what are you going to do' at the treatment of factory farm animals.

Personal I don't really care what the guy did to his dog or what the other people this woman confronted did. But then again if soylent green was sold in stores I'd buy it.


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