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I love Doritos, more than love Doritos, I adore them utterly, especially Zesty Cheese. I've tried just about every flavour, even the ones that were only produced for a limited time and for the most part I liked them all. They may not have been my favourites but by and large they all had something special about them and Doritos Jacked Colossal Smoky Chipotle BBQ was not an exception.

It had a wonderful bite to it and unlike most bags of Doritos every single chip was completely covered in flavouring. Also, and very oddly so, almost every chip was completely intact. It was kind of creepy, reaching in and grabbing a palm size triangle, almost perfectly shaped, one after the other. It wasn't until I got to the bottom of the bag that I found some broken ones but I wouldn't be exaggerating very much if I said ninety five percent of the chips were perfect.

But the flavour had some very big drawbacks. Unlike the standard flavour or the Zesty Cheese flavour this one got tiresome fairly quickly and you could especially taste the corn chip. After a while it became like eating plain nacho chips, with some kick added to them of course but the soul that had become the Doritos franchise was all but missing. Not that I would discourage anyone from trying them but this flavour is definitely not a 'sit down and eat a whole bag' one.

I don't think I would buy another bag for myself, to share at a party, probably but not just for myself. It most definitely has a draw to it with a surprising, 'hay that's pretty good' first reaction but lacks a staying power and becomes less novel after a few handfuls.


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